I have something to sell! How do I list it on TheJerusalemMarket?

Listing your item is quick and easy! Click Here for instructions.

Can I list products from my business on your website?

Not yet. We currently only allow non-business, personal listings. We may change this policy in the future. 

Is there a limit to how many items I can list?


Is there a way for me to feature my item more prominently on your site?

Yes! We can promote your item and make it stand out!  We offer several different options for paid listings, starting from only $3 a week. Click here to view your options.

Can I list my entire moving sale on your website?

Absolutely! Besides our basic free option, we have 2 incredible moving sale packages you can choose from to ensure your moving sale gets maximum exposure. Click here to view our pricing. 

Can I buy and pay for the item on the website? 

Finalization of all sales takes place directly between buyer and seller. It is not conducted on the TheJerusalemMarket website. We are solely an information provider and do not get involved in the actual negotiation or finalization of sales.

    What if I know that I don't need to see the item? Can I just have it delivered?

    Yes! If you are 100% sure you are ready to receive delivery without seeing the item, you can do that - provided you send advance payment to the seller before the item is shipped. Many sellers accept payment methods which will not require you to go to their location to pay cash (Zelle, bank transfer, PayPal etc). 

    How do I know which payment methods the seller accepts?

    All of the seller payment methods are listed near the sellers contact information on the product page, under the product description. 

    Who handles the delivery? 

    We partner with private delivery services to handle deliveries. Items are never sent via Doar Yisroel.

    Who do I pay for the delivery?

    We process the delivery fees. If you choose delivery, we will reach out to you with instructions on how to pay for it. We accept many payment options, including credit card, to make it a quick and smooth experience.