How do I list my item?

Listing your item is quick and easy!

To list your item, fill out this form,


Send a picture of the item(s) to us using any of these methods:

WhatsApp: 058-J-MARKET   Email:


Be sure to include the following information:

Read below for tips on how to create a great listing!

  1. Product Title.
  2. Product Description
  3. Your asking price, in shekels. - and which payment methods you are willing to accept from the buyer (i.e. Cash Only, Zelle, Paypal etc) 
  4. Your contact info: (Name, phone number, email, address)


Tips for a great listing:

  • Buyers love convenience! The easier you are to reach, and the easier you are to pay, the more likely your item will be sold! List as many payment methods as you can take, and the most convenient way to reach you. (i.e. If you respond to WhatsApp quickly-list that as the best way to reach you)
  • Don't leave out any details in your address! We use your address to offer the buyer the option to choose to have your item delivered, but we can't give him a quote without all of the details - include knissa, floor, apartment #, and whether there is an elevator. If we're missing information and need to reach out to you again, that time delay may result in the buyer looking elsewhere to make his purchase
  • Take clear, high-quality photos (multiple photos from different angles is even better!). Ensure the item is clean and the nearby space is not cluttered! 
  • Create a clear and simple product title. 
  • Write a detailed product description! There may be other listings of similar items - make yours stand out with a well-written description. Examples of description can be color, age, condition, instructions, model #, applicable links, the price you paid, etc. (If it is "new" make that clear - and put that in the title as well).
  • Be honest! Don't write a false or misleading product description.
  • We will only list 'stock images' if it is accompanied by an actual photo of the item. 

Note: The buyer will see only the following seller information in your product listing: Seller name, accepted payment methods, and neighborhood.

 Important: We will copy and paste your item title and item description, so make sure it is clear and error-free!