Our Story

The English-speaking community in Yerushalayim is constantly on the move. Hundreds of couples move to Israel every year - and hundreds move back abroad. The process of setting up your apartment in Israel, and buying all the furniture, appliances, and household items you'll need can be daunting - and really expensive.

So you drive yourself crazy running around and looking for good deals. Where do you find used furniture? You're told there are stores on Meah Shearim. You shlep there, only to discover that they don't have anything you like. Or maybe they do, and you try to haggle with an Israeli business man who is clearly trying to make as much money off of your American accent as possible. Then he wants 400 shekel to deliver a 800-shekel freezer! You google to check if there are any websites that sell second-hand items, and you find yourself dizzy and confused, trying to figure out how to navigate a website in a foreign language - and a foreign layout. (You know what we're referring to:-)

Then, when you leave Israel you need to do it all over again - this time trying to sell all the items you don't want to take back. So you post your items on whatsapp groups and of course your local Nshei email group. You hang up signs on all the bus stops. You tell your neighbors, you call your friends, and you ask around. All with the hopes that you don't get stuck with thousands of shekel worth of items you couldn't sell. For those who haven't experienced the frustration of getting "stuck" with a furniture package you spent your life savings on but you can't sell - it is a truly horrible situation. Any of this sound familiar? That is just the way things are done around here. 

Until now. 

We believe there needs to be a better way, and we are thrilled to present you TheJerusalemMarket.com! Finally, there is one centralized platform connecting buyers and sellers that is specifically geared to the English-speaking community. Easy to search. Easy to buy. You can even choose to have the product delivered to you. Have something to sell? List your item in seconds! All you need to do is fill out this form, and we'll do all the behind-the-scenes work. We'll create the listing, and post it in the relevant categories so it is easy to find. We'll even send you back a web link of your product, so that you can send it around to continue to try to make the sale!

We spent a considerable amount of time and money to build this platform, and we are sure you'll find it easy and simple to use and navigate!

We would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to leave us a comment - or constructive criticism - so we can continue to develop our platform to make it as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Click here to send us a message.


The Jerusalem Market team